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Recognition Website Awards
Crystal Award 2nd
Crystal Award

The quartz crystal is an appropriate symbol for this award:

  • Quartz crystals are widely available, thereby representing accessibility to all.
  • Quartz crystals have a strong underlying structure, which determines their external shapes. Good websites are also well-structured, with a design appropriate to the content.
  • Quartz crystals have clean lines and the elegance of simplicity, making them aesthetically pleasing.
  • Quartz crystals come in an almost infinite variety of sizes, shapes and colors, but (although quartz is the most common mineral on the face of this planet) a perfect crystal is a rare thing indeed, and many need polishing to bring out their true beauty. This is true of websites also.

Their award to us went on to say, "I found your site to be user-friendly, excellently written, easy to navigate, and well laid out with an attractive design which makes it a pleasure to view."

We are proud to display this award on our website.