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Fine Arts Activities
The Page High School Orchestra is proud to be part of a community that encourages music and the fine arts. By maintaining a tradition of excellence held by the school district and the community, we strive to perform at the best of our ability in the CAB, at festivals, and throughout the city of Page. During the school year, we focus on improving the fundamentals of music, such as playing as an ensemble, performing with joy and vivacity, and creating art and emotion from notes on a page. This year we are playing in Tempe, Arizona at the ABODA Fall Orchestra Festival as well as the Heritage Music Festival in Las Vegas in late March. Some students will prepare and audition for the Arizona Regional Orchestra, a prestigious and hard-earned honor, coming up in February. These are in addition to our fall, winter, and spring concerts held in the CAB. This is a very exciting year, and we look forward to sharing it with the Page community.

Concert Band

The Page High School Concert Band is a full year class that takes place during the school day. The class focuses on expanding students’ music education and playing abilities through the performance of classical and contemporary concert band literature. The concert band performs twice a year for the community and participates in festivals and other adjudicated events.


Our Page High School Choir Program is devised of two ensembles: the Page High School Voices and the Page High School Guys and Dolls. Both ensembles are devoted to excellence by maintaining a reputation of versatility, sensitivity, and vibrancy. The Page High School Voices perform secular literature, sacred literature, madrigals, American folk music, world music, and music in a variety of languages such as Latin, German, French, and Spanish. The Page High School Guys and Dolls perform primarily music with American lineage, such as musical show tunes, contemporary popular music, and jazz. Throughout the year, the choir performs at festivals, competitions, as well as our seasonal winter and spring concerts.

Jazz Band

Jazz band is a full year class that takes place during the school day. Students explore the different genres of swing, big band, blues, and jazz through the performance of jazz standards and contemporary songs. In this class, students will learn about music theory and improvisation through exercises during rehearsal. The jazz band performs several times throughout the year for the community, as well as at adjudicated events as they become available.

Percussion Ensamble

Percussion ensemble is a full year class that we offer to teach students the fundamentals of both rudimental and concert percussion. The first semester, teachers focus on rudimental techniques and equipment, which is traditionally found in marching band, indoor drum line, and other marching arts. The second semester, teachers focus on concert percussion typically found in collegiate percussion ensembles. This semester culminates in an end of the year performance for the community. The percussion ensemble may also travel to festivals and other adjudicated activities outside of the school.


The Page High School Guitar Program, consisting of beginning and advanced levels, is a popular and valuable opportunity for students to participate in music classes where they might not have taken the opportunity in their previous years. Students learn classical guitar techniques and music reading skills, which are easily applicable and beneficial to any other genre of guitar music played in modern music today. We also have the privilege to have; Mr. Brad Richter, a world-renowned classical guitar performer, and educator come and enrich our guitar classes with periodic private lessons and workshops. Classical guitar students get a wonderful opportunity to learn at the feet of a master musician.

Marching Band

Marching band is an extracurricular activity that is open to all Page High School students. The purpose of the Page High School Marching Band is to provide a forum in which every single student is encouraged to achieve his or her maximum potential through participation in the pageantry of marching arts. The marching band performs at all home and some away varsity football games, as well as local and regional marching band competitions.

Page Indoor Percussion
Page Indoor Percussion

Also known as Page High School Indoor Drumline and Winter Guard International (WGI), Page High School Indoor Percussion is an extracurricular winter sport that is open to all Page High School students. The Page Indoor Drumline and WGI include the marching battery percussion and front ensemble percussion equipment from the marching band. Students learn a competitive show and compete against other high school indoor drumlines in local and regional competitions. Page Indoor Drumline competes locally in the WGAZ circuit and nationally in the WGI circuits. Page won the National Scholastic A Championship in WGI in 2005 and placed 6th in the national circuit in 2007.