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Career & Technical Education

CTE Staff

Meet our Career and Technical Education (CTE) team. At Page High School, we are proud to offer robust CTE programs that challenge our students to maximize their career potential. If you have any questions about our CTE programs, please give us a call during regular office hours or send us an e-mail. We're happy to serve you.

  • Main Office: (928) 608-4138
  • Office hours are 7:30-4:00 p.m.

CTE Staff

Olivia Benally
CTE Paraprofessional
ext. 5808
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Dana Glasenapp
Culinary/ Ed Professions/ Peer Counseling
ext. 5195
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Monica Huber
Sports Medicine
ext. 5505
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Kyran Keisling
Computer Art/ Photography
ext. 5803
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Misty Smith
Computer Technology
ext. 5810
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Gail Savage
CTE Secretary
ext. 4193
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Charles Sharp
Auto Tech
(928) 608-4127
ext. 5842
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Wyatt Swinton
ext. 5197
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Cassandra Dodson
Welding/ Industrial Tech
ext. 5196
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Nancy Walker
CTE Director
ext. 4127
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Eugenia Trujillo
Construction/ Drafting
ext. 5827
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Kara Jordan
Journalism/ Multimedia/ Yearbook
ext. 5801
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Ryan Whitehorse
Nursing Assistant
ext. 5811
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